Bikepacking adventures starting in Limburg (NL)

Next up:
Summer 2024 edition (Start in sittard)
450-500km - 3 days - 31 MAY '24 
(registrations open) 

Kids edition 2024 
70 Km / 100Km - 3 Days
Event cancelled, email if you and the kids want to go, I can share the track 

What is Gnomathon:

450km (+/-5%) bikepacking ride through Limburg.
Track is a mix of MTB/Gravel and can be ridden on both bikes, although I do expect you'll have more fun on an MTB.
Route is 98% legal to ride, if you have any doubts about how legal the track is, then just take a small walk. Own responsibilities..

Group start is at 10:00 in Sittard (NL).

To call yourself “finisher”:
• Arrive by Sunday 22:00 at the latest.
• Photograph at least 10 Gnomes on the go
• After arriving, share the ridden track and photos with the organization. 

• Have fun while riding


Registration: 15 €
Max 40 Participants 
It is not a race, or is it?
There will be no prizes, or will there be prizes?
....who knows


Everyone is free to ride in a group or solo

Riding between 6:00 AM and 11:00 PM.
From 11:00 to 6:00, the tracks through the forest should no longer be used, if you would like to ride some gravel at 23:30, that should be perfectly fine...

Sleeping during the night, wild camping is fine by me, although the forester does not agree to this...
There are many campsites etc. around the track, so finding a fully legal campsite should be easy.
If you chose to go wild camping, you know the drill; arrive late, leave early, leave no trace.

Follow the GPX, don't share it!
A lot of time and effort went into creating this track. It is therefore not the intention that the route will be shared outside of the event.

What is Gnomathon Kids:

Gnomathon kids is a small event to introduce your kids into bikepacking. 
The track gives you 2 options each day a 20-25km and a 30-35km option, offroad, single track when possible, but nothing too technical.  (shortcuts can be made)
Ride together with your kid(s) toward the campside, pitch a tent and share the stories of your mini adventure with like-minded people.

Group start is at 10:00 in Vlodrop (NL)

Participants/ Costs kids edition:

Registation: 10€ per parent, kids are free
Max 10 parents  
It's a ride, and for sure no race! enjoy the quite time .
Most likely there will be something nice for the little finishers, but nobody knows until the end

Feedback 2022 editie:

Mooie eerste editie van de Gnomathon! De eerste helft was een goede mix van pittige klimmen en flowtrails; de tweede helft veel gravel, bospaadjes en kruip-door-sluip-door. 
Goed gezelschap onderweg en elke dag vers schepijs maakten de rit compleet...
@Lars: bedankt voor de organisatie en hopelijk tot Gnomathon'23

Feedback 2022 editie

Hulde voor de organisatie van de eerste  Gnomathon. Het was taai onvergetelijk en indrukwekkend. Heb met volle teugen genoten en zo ook kapot gezeten maar met een grote smile afgesloten. Op naar de volgende.

Feedback 2022 editie, dag 1


Don't forget to enjoy it...

Send an email via the "Registration button" and I will answer as soon as possible.
Everything is done on a voluntary base, so sometimes a little patience is nice
(And no I don't send a GPX file, you get that when you registrate for the Gnomathon)